Metropolis Estate Realtors Association (MERA)

  • Just like the sport of archery, real estate is about hitting the mark. It is also about flexibility, enthusiasm and experience in profiling buyer and property to ensure a speedy sale for the best possible price.
  • MERA represents an exceptional blend of experience, integrity, enthusiasm and a strong commitment to clients – previous, existing and future.

What is MERA?

  • MERA is an association of well-established experienced and professional Real Estate Agents.
  • MERA members offer a proven real estate marketing system balanced with dedicated personal service second to none.
  • All MERA members are committed to maintaining the highest standards of conduct and professionalism.
  • MERA members provide choices of Real Estate services including Residential & Commercial property Sales & Purchases, procuring finance, Project & Property for re-development, legal and professional services related to properties and real estate.
  • MERA has a true networking philosophy, which provides access to a huge number of both purchasers & properties. All members are experienced negotiators, committed to achieving the best properties available at the best price in the market, for their clients.
  • MERA has a strong presence in the marketplace and as the name MERA implies, provides an excellent association of members who really work hard for the benefit and best interest of their clients.
  • The latest computer technology allows MERA members to match buyers and sellers more simply and accurately.
  • The best up to the minute marketing data benefits customers whether buying, selling or renting property.
  • MERA members have both the strength and service on a personal level to be your Real Estate Agents.